Ambrosus Core roadmap

Blockchain upgrades and DeFi development

Key highlights of 2021




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blocks on MainNet

Ambrosus is a technological core foundation, and a collective of ecosystem partners built on a robust and scalable EVM-compatible layer-one blockchain designed for decentralized data storage. In 2022, Ambrosus Core is rolling out a series of software upgrades and DeFi products.

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Ambrosus roadmap 2022

Higher block reward

Adjusted bundle price and heartbeat bundle rate

(no negative effect on network stability and node rewards)

Staking wallet launch

(WalletConnect for Arcadia Staking)

Community Forum launch

Bridge launch - ETH and BSC support

Blockchain explorer support for ERC20 contracts

Introducing staking rules

Custom validator pools on Arcadia Staking

Community managed staking pools (beta launch)

Storage node pools on Arcadia Staking

Automated Market Maker launch

Gateway masternode UI/UX optimization

DAO launch

• DAO core design • Governance Token launch • Voting interface launch

Governance Token staking

Masternode Index upgrade


DeFi lending platform launch

IDO launchpad launch

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